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Основной мой дневник находится на дайрах,
но здесь изредка тоже пишу)
Будьте добры, не добавляйте меня молча.
Оставьте хотя бы маленький фидбэк: кто вы, что вы, что у нас общего итд.

100% - Russian
Sorry guys, but my english kinda awful (as u can see from the name of my comm - I misspelled it) :D

Graphics - [info]candelight
[tvd] elijah/elena

# 015

That's my first mood theme ever, and it's probably a little bit sucks lol. Anyhoo, I love this show soooo friggin much, I hope you'll like it! it took forever, so please credit and comment if you take. Thanks

Harper's Island mood theme
optimistic | depressed | giggly
dorky | sleepy | stressed

Zip includes 132 mood themes, all in 90x40px, and the adminconsolecodes.txt file.
Download the zip file here
Full preview here
Instructions @ [info]crackified

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